This program is simple: you will receive 5% cash back after being our customer for 12 months!

Q. Is this program only for new customers?
A. No, it is for both new and existing customers.

Q. What do I have to do to get the cash back?
A. Just call us after 12 months and we will pay it to you, as long as you have been current with your bills.

Q. How do I get the cash back?
A. In the form of a check, or a credit on your account if you prefer.

Q. Do I have to use the service for the full 12 months?
A. You need to be active with APS for 12 months, that is have uninterrupted service with us. If you leave APS and then return, your 12 month period starts over. The 5% is based on your 12 months of usage, so the more you use the service, the higher your cash back bonus will be. If you choose not to use our service for a month or two, i.e. not make any phone calls, you will still be eligible as long as you have not disconnected from APS.

Q. Are all your services eligible for this cash back?
A. No, this program is only valid for post-paid service for both land-lines and cell phones, but not for pre-paid service.

Q. Is there a contract that I have to sign to be on this program?
A. No, there is no contract and you are not committed to remaining with us. There is no penalty for disconnecting your service from us, you are just no longer eligible for the cash back bonus.

Q. Why are you doing this?
A. This is a program to reward our customers for being loyal to us. In these tough economic times we want to reward our customers for doing something they do regularly, i.e. staying in touch with friends and family who are close to you in heart and mind, but far away in physical distance.

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